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Chauffer Suspect in Murder of Taiwanese Mogul Shih Chia-chin

Chauffer Suspect in Murder of Taiwanese Mogul Shih Chia-chin

Hsieh Yuan-hsin is the suspect that is main the kidnapping and murder of Shih Chia-chin. (Image: Taiwan police)

Taiwanese online gambling ringleader Shih Chia-chin may not be a household title in the online world betting community, but he was infamous in his home country for the wealth he received by running his web sites. Now, his murder and kidnapping have actually shocked the island country. Shih’s body was found Sunday evening in Tainan County by police. He was allegedly murdered after being kidnapped by his chauffeur and others that are several August 18.

Chauffeur Abducted Shih at Airport

On that time, Shih was picked up at the airport that is taoyuan Taiwan by his chauffeur, Hsieh Yuan-hsin. Just three hours later, the accountant at Shih’s company received a phone call saying that Shih had been demanding and kidnapped a ransom of TW$50 million ($1.67 million). Shih’s family attempted to negotiate with the kidnappers, eventually agreeing to wire TW$30 million ($1 million) to three separate bank accounts.

When the family nevertheless don’t hear from Shih, they contacted the authorities for assistance later that day. Hsieh evidently made an attempt to withdraw the transferred ransom soon thereafter, but fled when he was asked to provide identification at the bank.

Hsieh Flees to Thailand

Despite efforts from prosecutors whom issued a warrant to bar him from leaving the country, Hsieh managed to board a flight to Thailand simply hours later making use of a passport that is fake used his photo but their cousin’s name and details. Hsieh was spotted on airport CCTV footage on 18 august.

In line with the United Daily News, police noted that Hsieh didn’t have criminal record, which made them suspect that another individual may have prepared the kidnapping. He did, but, seem to be covering his tracks, as he’d used his real passport to book a journey to Hong Kong. The passport that is fake been annulled, and Hsieh is suspected to nevertheless be in Thailand. Nevertheless, authorities fear he could flee to Cambodia or Myanmar, and Thai police have been expected to help in the investigation.

They also proposed that ransom might not have been the primary motivation for the crime. Hsieh fled the nation without recovering the ransom, and a watch that is valuable still on Shih’s body when it was found.

Based on a report from the Central Information Agency (CNA), a human anatomy was present in an area that is mountainous of County with over 20 puncture wounds towards the back regarding the evening of August 24, about a week after the kidnapping happened. Shih’s family was called in to determine the physical human anatomy, and confirmed that it was him.

Two Other Suspects in Custody

While Hsieh has not yet been apprehended, two other suspects were arrested on Monday. Full names were not available, but The China Post said that their surnames were Lin and Cheng. According to police, Lin confessed to being a part of the kidnapping plot, but reported that he did maybe not know anything about plans to murder Shih. The two accomplices were identified surveillance that is using, which revealed they had abandoned Shih’s automobile in Greater Tainan.

Nine years ago, authorities cracked down on Shih’s online gambling ring. That triggered an 18-month suspended prison term for the man whose fortune ended up being reportedly worth billions of brand New Taiwan Dollars. Reports say that Shih had been the victim of the kidnapping attempt four years earlier in the day.

PokerStars Should Wait to Enter US Markets, Says 888 CEO

888 CEO Brian Mattingley believes PokerStars should really be allowed right back within the US, but should face a short exclusionary period first. (Image:

PokerStars and 888 Poker are natural competitors, as the companies are a couple of of this biggest players in today’s on-line poker industry. PokerStars is by far the absolute most well-known Internet poker site in the world these days, which may be why 888 CEO Brian Mattingley has previously said that letting the poker that is amaya-owned right back into the US would help all organizations, by attracting more players for everyone to share. But now, Mattingley has started walking straight back those comments a bit, at the least when it comes to permitting PokerStars entry that is free lucrative American states.

According to a meeting between Mattingley and Bluff Magazine‘s Steve Ruddock, the 888 CEO still believes that PokerStars is advantageous to the overall poker that is american, and claims he welcomes their return. However, he does think they should get at least a slap on the wrist before they’re let back in that they gained an unfair advantage by continuing to service players in the US after the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) went into effect, and that as a result.

Statement Appears to Contradict Earlier Stance

This is certainly a little different from feedback published by the Las Vegas Review-Journal (LVRJ) is June. In an interview with that paper’s Howard Stutz, Mattingley was quoted as stating that he wanted to see PokerStars come back to america just as possible.

‘It could be like unleashing a 800-pound gorilla into the market, but having more players for a regulated site would gain everyone,’ he said.

‘ We compete with PokerStars throughout European countries,’ Mattingley said of their biggest rival. ‘They certainly are a competitor that is formidable. But they would make all of us work much harder plus it would expand the market. I might much rather have a tiny slice of a large pie, than the usual big piece of a small cake.’

Those comments differed with ones he made month that is last Global Gaming Business. There, he said he ended up being still against ‘bad actor’ clauses that will ban PokerStars from industry entirely, but said that some penalties were appropriate.

‘ We should see the regulators saying because they were taking wagers illegally for those years, you are going to have to suffer a penalty where you can’t operate for a given period of time,’ Mattingley said that they can come in, but. ‘we think couple of years would make some sense…as competitors, I think we should be permitted to establish our brands, which could be done in two years.’

No Change in Opinion, Says Mattingley

Those statements that are seemingly incompatible to have been clarified within the Bluff meeting. In it, Mattingley stated that his position has been constant all along, but that some of what he thought to Stutz had not been included in the LVRJ article.

Based on Mattingley, his statements welcoming PokerStars back once again to the US markets were accompanied by a qualifier that is big by which he said ‘…however, I actually do believe they got that top rated working in an industry where everyone else was out.’

‘They really should not be allowed to walk into new states,’ Mattingley told Bluff. He offered up that an exclusion of one to 2 yrs would be appropriate and reasonable to any or all parties, after which PokerStars should be allowed to compete like anyone else.

Packer’s Crown Buys 36-Year Licensing Deal for $847 million

Pleased as punch: James Packer has secured a license that is 36-year the Crown Casino in Melbourne, plus tax concessions on high rollers. (Image: Justin Benson-Cooper/

James Packer’s Crown Casino in Melbourne received a license extension until 2050 through the Government of the Australian state of Victoria, which has defended its decision to allow for the multi-decade add-on. The Victoria Government will additionally allow Packer to expand dining table games and ‘pokie’ (slot) devices in Crown gambling enterprises, in substitution for re payments of up to A$910 million (US$847 million).

Politicians and anti-gambling groups have called the deal ‘grubby’ and ‘back-door,’ and claim that lacks transparency. But Victoria’s treasurer, Michael O’Brien, said that the contract would help investment that is economic jobs.

‘This contract provides significant benefits that are financial’ he said, ‘as well as enhanced competitiveness and investment certainty for Crown and the 8,800 people who work here.’

Crown casino chairman Packer ended up being additionally fast to highlight the sensed economic benefits. He said that, while his business had invested $1.7 billion to update the casino, ‘it had for a time that is long at ‘a major competitive disadvantage on the problem of taxation.

‘Now,’ he added, ‘with the support of the government that is victorian we will have a license that allows us to compete for a level playing field to help drive tourism, jobs and economic advantage for the state.’

Anti-Gambling Backlash

Australian Churches Gambling Taskforce Chairman Rev. Tim Costello ended up being one of many who spoke out up against the deal, but.

‘ This whole thing smells,’ he said. ‘This close to an election, why would you do a deal without transparency, and with such haste, whenever it has major implications for the public that is victorian? Australia has 20 percent of all of the earth’s pokies, it has the population that is biggest of issue gamblers in the globe, and yet it has gone through without the debate or discussion.’

Five governments that are future he added, would be bound towards the deal. ‘I think the public now includes a world-weary cynicism about politicians, and additionally they know massive political contributions get to government from the gambling industry. They want fewer pokies, not an increase or maintenance of current levels.’

Crown said it would expand the amount of pokie machines and gaming tables under the deal that is new nevertheless the number of pokie machine licenses would stay the exact same, because it could be absorbing existing licenses from pubs and clubs. Year additionally, the Victoria government also agreed that a ‘super-tax’ will also be removed on all high-rolling VIP players from next.

Concessions to the Crown

This last point, stated O’ Brien, will allow Crown to compete with casinos in Macau and Singapore.

‘ This will be a very competitive industry. We want to guarantee that high rollers from overseas find an explanation to wish to come calmly to Melbourne to invest their money,’ the treasurer noted.

Nevertheless, Deakin University gambling expert and researcher Professor Linda Hancock questioned the logic behind this.

‘ I see no explanation why the government should be offering any concessions to Crown, it’s quite outrageous really,’ she said. ‘Crown has been methodically under-taxed for years. These types of concessions and deals should be part of a election platform and shouldn’t have been brokered in today’s world, but this is a characteristic of gambling policy. The federal government is indeed beholden to the gambling industry, which offers them this candy to fill government coffers for their election campaign.’

Despite negative publicity, the offer dramatically fortifies the place of Crown Resorts and also this was reflected in the stock market. Shares in the company rose in the hours after the story initially broke.

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