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Gritting Solutions

Complete Gritting and Spreading Solutions

ISEKI TXG 237 Compact Industrial Combination Gritter/Snow Plough

  • Heavy Duty designed 250 Litre Grit Salt Hopper Capacity capable of 300 kg load
  • Large 1.5 metre Snow Plough Blade with hydraulic lift and lower 3 position setting and Heavy Duty spring back system
  • All metal work blast cleaned, prior to zinc rich powder prime and finished in polyester powder finish
  • Hydraulically driven spinner, with adjustable spread width from 1.8m to 6m with symmetric and asymmetric patters achievable
  • Large capacity hydraulic tank
  • Pozi-Feed double stainless steel auger providing positive salt feed even with wet material, hydraulically driven through a heavy duty hydraulic motor
  • Does not rely on using dry salt or grit will automatically spread either wet or dry
  • Fully calibrated to spread at specific application rates
  • Adjustable application rates via a graduated hydraulic flow control valve
  • Galvanized pitched mesh which can be opened
  • Gritting and Spreading does not rely on the vehicles road speed it can be adjusted easily by the operator
  • Rear Mounted Beacon
  • Full road lighting kit with high quality lighting components
  • Fluorescent markings on the rear
  • Tractor Unit Fully Certified Roll Bar makes this unit more stable and a safer option
  • Amber Side Markers
  • Optional all weather cab
  • The Tractor Unit Unladen Weight is 670kg which makes for more powerful effective snow clearance
  • The Tractor is set in permanent low gear and the speed is Governed to the customers specification which makes for safer operation and far greater traction
  • Tractor Unit has a 22.5 horse power diesel 3 cylinder water cooled engine with a 25 litre capacity fuel tank, Power Steering standard
  • ideal for large car park areas and warehouse distribution yards and lorry parks

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Case Tractor Snow Plough Salt Gritter Combo

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Gritter Trailers For Effective Gritting Solutions

VCS 1.2D (Variable Controlled Spread) Gritting Trailers

The VCS 1.2D trailed spreader is built specifically for use with suitable towing vehicles. Its twin axle chassis is fitted with automatic brakes and axle suspension for use in car parks, Distribution Centres and town centres.

Simply hitch onto the towing ball or pin of the vehicle, plug in the standard 7-pin lighting socket, as used with any road going trailer and away you go! Simply Key start the Yanmar Diesel engine and use your fog light switch inside your vehicle to switch a hydraulic valve on and off, this starts and stops the spreading action! The hydraulic pump is driven from a the Yanmar Diesel engine; this provides ample power to drive the pozi-feed twin augers even with wet material.

The VCS 1.2D has features that make this trailed salt spreader stand out from its competitors – Its braked and suspended twin axles enable it to travel at a high road speed between sites and therefore allow shorter shift times, the large 1.2m³ capacity allows for less fills on the shift. Its 6 to 8 metre spread width allows it to treat sites quickly and effectively. The augers feed the salt accurately applying the salt precisely and therefore saving money on over applied salt and time with un-required fill ups.

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