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Trump Casinos Paid cents on the Dollar in Taxes After Christie Deal, Says New York Times, But Is It True?

Trump C<span id="more-9940"></span>asinos Paid cents on the Dollar in Taxes After Christie Deal, Says New York Times, But Is It True?
Trump Casinos Paid Pennies on the Dollar in Taxes After Christie Deal, Says New York instances, But Is It real?

Donald Trump casinos were nearly $30 million behind on taxation re payments to the State of New Jersey as the now-GOP nominee that is presidential still operating Trump Entertainment Resorts, says a brand new report that broke on Tuesday.

Deal or No Deal? A new that is recent york story implied that brand New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (right) personally reduced Donald Trump’s casino goverment tax bill in the Garden State from about 14 years ago. But would that even be feasible?

The ny days claims in a scathing article this week that Trump’s casinos in Atlantic City were delinquent on corporate alternative taxes that are minimumAMT) towards the tune of $8.8 million between 2002 and 2003. Nj-new jersey implemented AMT in 2002. The occasions says that Trump fought the goverment tax bill and two of their four casinos underwent bankruptcy. New Jersey pursued the money and stated, with interest, that Trump owed $29.4 million to its coffers.

Governor Chris Christie (R) assumed their position in the Garden State in 2010. The next year, Trump Entertainment Resorts and nj-new Jersey reportedly reached a $5 million settlement.

The days tries to result in the case that Christie’s friendship with The Donald ‘s the reason the state took 17 cents on the dollar, but the news web site hasn’t produced any solid proof of such an arrangement.

‘You can’t inform whether there is something problematic, but it’s pretty striking that this one was written down so much,’ University of Pennsylvania Law School Professor David Skeel told the days, in what amounts to opinion during the end of the time.

The reality is that it is highly not likely, if not downright impossible, for one guy to wipe another’s business tax slate clean. The State of New Jersey’s Department of the Treasury, Taxation Division, is the overseer of these matters, and to imply that Christie could turn this around on their own vapor would similarly indicate that hawaii’s income tax board was on the take.

Moreover, it’s far from unusual for large tax assessments become negotiated down the road.

Taxing Situation

Though Trump and Christie exchanged a lot of jabs during the Republican primary, once the New Jersey governor admitted defeat, he quickly offered support for the billionaire estate tycoon that is real. Once considered a frontrunner for the VP nod, Christie is now expected to assume a cabinet position, should Trump overturn the current polls and win the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton.

Trump sits straight down today with all the FBI for their first intelligence briefing that is classified. Christie will tag along for the meeting, as will Army that is retired Lt General Michael Flynn. Candidates at this time of the presidential election begin receiving such information to better prepare the eventual champion for Day One in the Oval Office.

Many Trump opponents have expressed fears that the GOP candidate may tweet classified material. Conversely, Trump supporters point the finger right back at Clinton and claim she’s already demonstrated to be careless with confidential secrets, based on her current FBI email server investigation, which proved she had sent out private information, despite her many denials.

This week, Trump also hired two new senior campaign staffers, Stephen Bannon as chief professional, and Kellyanne Conway as campaign manager. Paul Manafort retains his role as campaign chairman, at the least for the present time, amid allegations he helped a pro-russia group in the Ukraine route $2.2 million to DC lobbyists in 2012.

Christie Supports More Casinos

Regarding Christie, it’s quite clear he’ll be voting for Trump. He’ll also be voting for his state’s casino referendum to amend the brand New Jersey Constitution and authorize two land-based gambling enterprises outside of Atlantic City.

The governor recently stated during a news conference which he backs North Jersey casino expansion and would campaign in help for the ballot question, if asked to take action.

According to the latest Fairleigh Dickinson University poll regarding the referendum, Christie’s position is into the minority. The most recent polling shows 58 % of the latest Jerseyans remain compared to the casino measure.

NeuroMama OTC Stock Trades Halted by SEC After $35 Billion Valuation Hits

Click on NeuroMama’s investor website and also you’re probably be a tad confused as from what the company is about. The site looks more like the work of a crazed ADD pre-teen than that of a supposedly high-end investment firm with graphics that are plebeian to say the least, and messages that range from a Baja California project to one written in Russian Cyrillic.

NeuroMama has been suspended by the SEC from trading its stocks regarding the market that is over-the-counter the cent stock reached an inflated valuation of $35 billion. Than we are if you can figure out anything on this website, you are a whole lot smarter. (Image:

NeuroMama bills itself as being a development business operating within the technology, power, and casino sectors. Certainly the corporation has grown, at the very least on paper.

Traded on the mostly unregulated over-the-counter (OTC) market, NeuroMama shares jumped an astounding 463 percent through the final eight months, ultimately causing a general valuation of $35 billion. Which, after taking a look at their investor site, seemed all of the more astounding entirely.

That makes it worth a lot more than Elon Musk’s Tesla, in addition, a business that is overhauling the automotive industry. But have no fear, because NeuroMama is thinking big, and now we do mean BIG.

‘ We have aspirations, I have dreams for the kiddies, for the sleep of our families, for our spouse’s [sic] and our future life and retirement together,’ NeuroMama Chairman Steven Schwartzbard writes on the company’s investor homepage. It is pretty copy that is classic anyone who’s ever watched an episode of ‘American Greed’ and how it targets investors.

With no financial filings and no income to speak of, the company’s valuation led the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to prevent the stock’s OTC trading. The SEC says there are ‘potentially manipulative transactions’ and cites many concerns with NeuroMama.

Neurotic Behavior

Among NeuroMama’s numerous reported products are a search engine, social media marketing network, e-Commerce platform, and last but not least, ‘heavy ion fusion technology.’ The united states of america National Ignition Facility is still in the extensive research phase of inertial fusion power plants, but NeuroMama apparently has it all figured out.

The organization states its fusion project will ‘solve energy and water problems across the world.’ And because of its unlimited power supply, NeuroMama is getting in on the gambling that is international scene as well.

The business claims it plans to build a casino in Ensenada, Mexico in 2017. Should all go as planned, NeuroMama would build 38 more then casino resorts throughout Mexico all in the span of just two years. Steve Wynn must be gasping for air.

It’s worth noting that MGM Resorts, the casino operator that is largest in nevada, is taking 36 months to create its new property in Massachusetts. It is also worth noting chances of anyone ever gambling at a NeuroMama casino are slim to it’s never planning to take place.

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If you believe NeuroMama’s goals might be too committed, Schwartzbard claims not to worry.

‘Although, we are convinced that all of our some ideas are great. However, just in case we had made some errors, they’ll produce a switch for another basic idea, and partners will make money one way or one other,’ the chairman of the $35 billion company declared.

Phew. As long as they don’t produce a jump into English literature, all is going smoothly.


OTC markets are predominantly for penny stocks, but NeuroMama stocks have gone from about $10 in .

Great news for investors, right? Wrong.

The problem for investors is that NeuroMama (remember, they’re a ‘growth company’) isn’t actually income that is generating or, well, um, growth. The company has not filed financial results since 2013, and when it did, NeuroMama listed a really unstaggering $4,721 in assets.

OTC markets, also known as ‘pink sheets,’ are becoming notorious to be riddled with fraud. The shares traded on these exchanges aren’t necessary to meet with the exact same minimum requirements of the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ, as well as don’t need certainly to file with the SEC.

‘Pink sheet shares get the chance for real returns because they tend to be smaller cap companies and illiquid. But you additionally have the potential for genuine fraud,’ Cornell University Professor Charles Whitehead told CNNMoney. ‘There are real risks.’

We’re actually dying to learn whom bought these shares, or the whole investor salespitch, because we now have some land in the Bermuda Triangle we have been attempting to unload for eons.

Arkansas Petition Could Force Constitutional Ballot on Casino Gaming

Arkansas Governor Asa Huthcinson is not understood to be considered a fan of casino video gaming. (Image: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

A bid to grow casino video gaming in Arkansas could be granted on the ballot november. The Arkansas Winning Initiative (AWI), which is behind a push to alter the state constitution to authorize up to three gambling enterprises into the state, said this week it believed it had sufficient petition signatures to force a referendum.

The group was provided a 30-day deadline final month, having submitted 92,120 signatures to the legislature, surpassing the 84,859 needed to be eligible for the ballot. But a few of these proved to be invalid, from individuals who had finalized on more than once or who were not registered to vote, leaving the combined group short.

Simply over 65,000 signatures through the batch that is original been verified by the secretary of state’s office so far, while AWI said this week that they had gathered around 50,000 more, which will also should be verified. a ballot that is constitutional signatures from voters amounting to 10 % of the total votes cast for work of governor and half the designated portion from 15 different counties.

Economic Impact

Spokesman for AWI Robert Coon said this that he was ‘pretty certain’ their organization had done enough to force a ballot, incorporating that the reception to the campaign was indeed ‘pretty positive. week’

‘Our campaign has covered significant ground in a short period of time because voters throughout the state understand the positive effect this proposition will have into the form of jobs, financial growth, tourism, and taxation income,’ stated Coon.

‘We’re pleased with the outcome of the secretary of state’s validation process, and we remain confident within our ability to obtain the number of signatures necessary over the next weeks that are several put this amendment on the ballot this November.’

Strict Gambling Laws

While casino gambling is strictly forbidden in Arkansas, the state does allow parimutuel betting on horse and dog races at two licensed tracks. These tracks are also permitted to provide electronic ‘games of skill,’ including video and blackjack poker and slot machines.

Arkansas voters have actually refused casino that is several proposals since 1994, although they did vote to approve the creation of the lottery in 2008. Meanwhile their state’s Governor Asa Hutchinson has said he could be opposed to your plan.

The campaign proposes the creation of casinos in Boone, Miller and Washington counties. Cherokee Nation Entertainment, which operates nine casino properties in Oklahoma, including tough Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa, has said it would be invest within the Washington County home should voters opt to amend the constitution.

UNLV eSports Course Highlights Changing Nature of Casino Industry

Robert Rippee is planning tomorrow’s casino executives for future years of video gaming by supplying a UNLV eSports course this fall through the International Gaming Institute. (Image:

The UNLV eSports course recently announced by the university’s International Gaming Institute (IGI) is attracting lots of attention maybe not just from perspective pupils but also the casino industry as a whole.

Earlier this month, the IGI said the innovative new curriculum will challenge students to explore the numerous issues with eSports and discover and develop approaches to grow the market that is budding.

Favored by the generation that is millennial eSports is a type of multiplayer gaming competitions who has quickly attracted a large following both domestically and abroad.

The ‘League of Legends,’ ‘Dota,’ and ‘Counter-Strike: worldwide Offensive’ are just three of the numerous games being transformed into arena-sized tournaments with thousands of players and millions more watching.

‘eSports may be the hottest topic in every board space on the Strip, particularly with respect to Millennials,’ UNLV eSports Lab Director Robert Rippee said in a statement. ‘ What better starting point for the journey to understand its relevance and application to the casino and hospitality industry than right here at UNLV?’

Poker players unfamiliar with eSports can relate the concept to the Global Poker League (GPL). Fueled by entrepreneur Alexandre Dreyfus, the GPL is an audience-centric poker league that plays out in front side of live fans at venues around the planet.