Thanks to Dulevo's consistent focus on the urban environment and road cleanliness in general, Dulevo sweeper and road sweeper ranges are the ideal solution for all municipal enterprises and cleaning companies who place particular attention on citizen well-being and the urban environment.

The Dulevo urban cleaning range features a vast array of fast, silent and superior performance machines that are all environmentally friendly.

A vast array of models of sweepers and road sweepers, and above all, numerous advantages:

  • Extremely easy to use, small-sized and manoeuvrable: Dulevo sweepers are ideal for cleaning narrow alleyways, historic centres, squares, markets and parks
  • Adaptable to various urban applications, such as pavements and car parks, as well as different climate and seasonal conditions.
  • Noise reduced to a minimum thanks to reduced-size suction turbines and effective screens
  • Maximum operator comfort: Dulevo sweeper and road sweeper cabins are spacious and fitted with simple, intuitive commands

Retail Parks, Leisure Parks, Shopping Centres

Supermarkets, shopping centres and relative car parking facilities have become increasingly popular places of aggregation.

Customers of large-scale retail channels demand high levels of cleanliness and hygiene, and Dulevo offers a suitable solution.

Compact, captivating and featuring high industrial design, Dulevo sweepers have been designed for use in large-scale retail channels, wherever there is a need for a sweeper capable of reaching even the most difficult places, for the removal of all traces of dirt and dust.

Industrial and Manufacturing

The Dulevo range of sweeping machines excels in heavy dust environments.

Industrial cleaning can be divided into two macro-categories:

  • the cleaning and collection of light material
  • the cleaning and collection of heavy material

Dulevo offers customised solutions for all cleaning requirements.

Airport and Sea Ports

Given the intense use and high numbers of people and vehicles at ports, airports and motorways, cleaning become crucial for the optimal use of such structures.

Dulevo reaches out to the port, airport and motorway cleaning market, with a series of specific models for the cleaning of runways, junctions, port, airport junctions and yards as well as motorways.


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