Street Washers

Dulevo's range of Street Washers, intended for the washinghygienising and sanitising of roads, is available in Electric, Natural Gas (CNG) and traditional diesel propulsion-powered versions.

Thanks to either a central node or 4-wheel steering, road washers can guarantee maximum manoeuvrability during the working phase.

The water tanks are made from AISI 304 stainless steel. Therefore, it is possible to mix different disinfectant products inside them.

The road washers can be configured, according to the customer’s needs, with high pressure systems, automatic sanitising product dosing systems and with facilitator arms to enable two operators to work simultaneously (Washing operation using the front spray bar and a Pedestrian operator-controlled washing operation).

The front bar on the Street Washers is situated underneath the operator’s cabin and can be hydraulically adjusted in inclination, incidence and height from the ground

Dulevo vehicles are ideal to carry out not only the sanitation of outdoor environments such as: alleyways, historical town centres, squares, markets, parks, streets, avenues, parking lots, industries and bicycle paths, but also the sanitation of indoor environments such as: hospitals, schools, supermarkets, and large offices, industrial areas, fruit and vegetable distribution centres and covered parking lots.


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